Between the ground and the sky
We are a small team of friends making the web a nicer place to hang out at, one product at a time.
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What we do


We listen closely to our clients and we immerse ourselves in their world. After knowing what problem they are solving, who their users are and which goals are they after we help come up with sensible roadmaps and strategies in order to deliver a successful product.


Great design is more than just pixel perfect sites, it's an experience yet to be experienced. We iterate in our design process until we are sure this experience feels natural to the end users and helps them solve their goal in the most direct, easy and expected way possible.


We believe in agile methodologies and have enough experience with them to know how to adapt to each of our projects. We love and contribute to Open Source to keep us sharp and fool around every day with the best and latest technology out there so we can pick the right tool for each job, every time.


Every product needs a brand, a visual representation of its personality and core values that stand out in the market, and tells your story perfectly. We help you identify these values and provide a stunning solution that your clients will love, whether it's just an app icon or a startup logo.

Meet the team

Santiago Alonso


Santiago has a unique blend of imagination, taste, pragmatism and attention to detail that make him one of the most exceptional designers you will ever work with, his views towards design go beyond mere aesthetics: he will evaluate everything from the real user needs to your brand identity, creating coherent design resources that are just a joy to work with. He'll do it all before lunch too, it'd be annyoing if it wasn't so brilliant.

When not at work Santiago attempts to catalogue the entirety of human pop culture in his brain, with remarkable success.

elcuervo - Bruno Aguirre


Gentleman by day, philosopher by night, pervert by choice, rebel by fate: elcuervo is a passionate human who strives to make the world a better place in everything he does. His open source contributions put the rest of us to shame as he is a prolific creator of tools for a variety of languages; he loves photography and podcasting, as well as fancy whiskey.

pote - Pablo Astigarraga


A firm believer in the minimalist approach to software development pote prefers to solve the right problem in the most straightforward way possible. He regularly embarrasses himself by playing music, soccer, practicing martial arts and advocating the use of bowties.

alf - Alfonso Cora


Under his outer shell of extreme pragmatism and solid, cold-blooded software engineering, Alf hides a passion for free software and the open web that fuels his desire to keep learning new technologies, making him an incredibly versatile developer. When out of the office he is also a fan of good scotch, loves to play some soccer and chill out in beach towns.

diablo - Jaime Dávila


If we consider that once we won't be alive anymore, it's very important to ask ourselves: "What do I want to accomplish in life?", "What do I want to do in life?", "What's important for me?". For diablo it's biking, photography, philosophy, and obviously be inmersed in code.

foca - Nicolás Sanguinetti


Given his extensive knowledge of all things Ruby it's easy to forget how much Foca knows about pretty much anything computer related, he'll pop up with surprisingly accurate knowledge of esoteric stuff in lunch conversations that leave us frantically looking for documentation on that thing we didn't know even existed but he tried 7 years ago. He's a generalist and has seen it all, done most of it, and broken just the parts that are harder to get to, but he's done with style dammit! Foca is everyone's go-to guy at 13Floor, and that's saying something.

In his free time he is usually working, during work hours he is usually sleeping or watching/reading fantasy-related stuff, during sleeping hours he is pulling epic board game all-nighters in which he's always in the top two of the kill list, sometimes all of these activities happen while traveling around the world, we weren't kidding with the "seen it all" bit!

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