One coin

I love mythology, mythos and legends. That’s one of the reasons that we are called 13Floor. In greek mythology there’s one character that always caught my attention: Charon. He is the ferryman of Hades. Carries the soul of the dead to the world of the dead. A coin to pay Charon for passage to what’s next. One coin to change the world.


A long time ago technology changed the world. Changed the way we perceive the world, the way we live it. This change allowed us, the people, to change the way we live. To change our worlds. That freedom later on put us together as 13Floor to build something different, something we can stand for and (hopefully) something that makes us happy in the long run.

Technology also changes really often. And that change, that diversity, always brings new tools and helps us understand this already complex and ever changing world. Bitcoin changed the way we see currencies and money. It showed us anonymity, growth… speculation but also showed us a new way to think about work.

So today, 13Floor will start accepting Bitcoin for its services. Our products will accept Bitcoin as well.